Achieve a Transparent
and Sustainable
Supply Chain.

With the cleanest and most transparent supply chain in the Region, we work
closely with the biggest Multinational Companies in the world for their
sustainable Agri supply needs.



Fair Trade Crop Buying



In the HDC's Fair Trade Crop Buying Model, we take out the traditional middlemen in the equation and instead replace them with an HDC farmer peer to be a buyer and act as consolidator for farmers in their community.

Farmer Benefits

  • Ensure correct and accurate scale measurements
  • No unnecessary deductions on crops
  • Support for operational advances for crop harvesting, with no interest
  • Livelihood programs and CSR beneficiary
  • Increased income and livelihood

Benefits to your Company


Achieve a Fully Transparent Supply Chain

HDC provides full visibility of our supply chain from the ground level up, this ensures a fully transparent supply chain network for your company


Access a Steady Supply of Crops

Manage your supply chain risks by going to the source of the crops– go direct to farmers through HDC


Secure Quality Crops

By cutting multiple layers of crop handling we speed up the delivery process and minimise post harvest losses for quality assured crops


Help Alleviate Hunger and Poverty

Provide farmers a channel to sell their crops at fair prices and instantly increase their incomes by up to 50%