Who We Are



The Hofer Plantation

The legacy of Hofer Development Corporation can be traced back to the 1920s in Lanao del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines originally as proud plantation owners and producers of coconut, abaca  and cacao crops. The Hofer Plantation was founded by Mr. Hans Hofer of German descent and married to a Filipina. We remain a family owned and privately run company. 

Hofer Development Corporation

As a separate company HDC is making headway moving up the value chain not just planting but also consolidating various crops and further processing of Crude Coconut Oil (CNO) for our International partners. Through scale, HDC envisions to be the supply chain backbone of the farming industry of the Philippines, ensuring our clients a direct link to the country’s valuable farm resources and providing our local farmers logistics support for a direct access to the world market place. 



The HDC Goal

Triple (3x) Farmers' Incomes


• Plant more crops

• Sell more crops

• Add more livelihood programs



Poverty Statistics

The Filipino Farmer remains to be one of the poorest in the world


70% of the poorest families in the Philippines can be found in the rural areas. 




The average income of a Filipino Farmer is $50 USD a month, $1.66 USD a day for him and his whole family to share




Each farmer will typically have limited access to only 1.5 hectares of land for farming



The HDC Way

Human Development

We aim to alleviate rural poverty of our people through rural development
investment and agriculture. We work directly with farmers/fishermen/rural folk
and provide them business and technical training to produce more crops.

HDC constantly deepens it access on the supply chain to be the no. 1 back bone of
the Philippine Agriculture Industry -  linking farms to the international market.



We believe that we only have one planet and our resources are finite,
thus the need for sustainable resource generation, food security and
to further limit our environmental impact.



Business plays a vital role in achieving Human Development and Sustainability,
thus we partner with international companies to help source their crops
ethically direct to farmers and be part of the solution in poverty
alleviation and sustainability.

To be able to take care of our employees and shareholders, we work on a
reasonable return on our investments so we can continue our work to
help more farmers in the process.


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